ōSHen Creative.

The World of ōSHen

Inspired by simplicity, minimalism, neutral tones and the love for the sea, ōSHen, (pronunciation of ocean) was created to spread real healing through creativity. We are one part creative agency and one part creative workshop & retreat company, created with the simple intention to allow space for creative expression, expansion, and happiness.


Creative Services

ōSHen Creative is a full-service creative services agency with a unique focus in the holistic wellness + beauty industry. Together, we make ideas come to life. We start with understanding where the brand is currently at, where they want to go and, from there, design a completely custom and bespoke creative, editorial and marketing strategy that not only inspires but drives results. Based in Los Angeles, California, we collaborate with clients both domestic and international. Interested in working together? Say Hello!

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Workshops & Retreats

We are interested in deeper connection and inspiration. We meet monthly for the creative workshops where we explore how to overcome creative blocks with tried and true tools. Interested in joining? Find out more.

For the creative retreats, we gather once a quarter. We’re on a mission to redefine what it means to be a modern-day, digital-nomad, freelancer and entrepreneur. Interested in traveling the world, keeping creative juices flowing, and all the while answering those e-mails and crossing things off your to-do list - oh yeah, and keeping up with your wellness routines? Yeah, us too! Interested in joining our retreats? Learn more here!


ōSHen Clients

To Be Magnetic:: The Formula & Magnetism Workshop :: • Creative Direction, Brand Building, Team Building, Marketing Strategy, Editorial Strategy, and Production

The Broad Place • Creative Direction, Content Creation, Marketing Strategy, Production and Website Revamp

Ashley Neese • Creative Direction, Marketing Strategy, and Social Media

The Local Rose • Creative Direction, Marketing Strategy, Production, Brand Assets, and Business Consulting

Agata Grela • Creative Direction, Logo, Branding, Website Design, Marketing Strategy, and Editorial Strategy

Jill Willard • Creative Direction, Production, Branding, and Marketing Strategy

Lindsay Mack :: Tarot for the Wild Soul E-Course • Creative Direction, Production, and Community Management

Lowe & Co • Creative Direction, Editorial Copy, and Brand Development

Chaya Lubow • Creative Direction, Branding, and Website Design

Esther Perel • Digital Content Creation, Copywriting, Marketing Strategy, and Social Media

The Moment • Creative Direction, Editorial Content Creation and Social Media