Coconut Yoga.

The World of Coconut Yoga

Coconut Yoga is the coolest destination for children's yoga and wellness in Los Angeles, California. Inspired by a simple desire to bring the calming, relaxing, and playful aspects of being by the sea to children on a yoga mat. Coconut Yoga classes are designed for 3-7 year olds and provide a nurturing space for children to explore their emotions, body, breathe and creative expression. Join a class today!


Children's Yoga + Wellness

I teach kids yoga to help them feel more in their body. There’s a softness in the room that allows them to fully embody their most authentic self. This is love and acceptance. This is deeply what I believe children need more than anything - space to be themselves and to be loved for exactly who they are. I’m currently teaching at private residences, if you’re in the LA area and would like to book a class simply just send a note.

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Coconut Yoga has partnered with the most incredible brands to bring your little ones the most nutritious and authentic yoga + wellness experience. Thank you to our partners, Jade Yoga Mats, Nucifera, Everyday Oil, Moon Juice, Harmless Harvest, COOLA, Made With Love Wellness and more! Interested in working together? Say hello!



Coconut Yoga classes are all based in Los Angeles, California. We love to teach your little ones yoga. We currently are offering private and/or group sessions, retreat classes and workshops at select studios. Rates available upon request. Interested in booking a session? Reach out here